January 24th, 2004

Moving On Is Hard To Do

Was Magic Johnson ever greater than when he was leading the Lakers against Larry Bird and the Celtics?

Could Martina Navratilova ever have raised her game to the heights it reached without facing down Chris Evert?

For me, the answer to both questions is undoubtedly, no.

Before he met Mickey Ward, few people knew, or cared, about Arturo ‘Thunder’ Gatti. But three compelling fights later, he and Gatti had become compelling pay television stars. But after fight three, Ward decided that it was time to hang them up, and begin enjoying the piles of cash the three fights with Gatti had brought him.

Tonight, Gatti gets to find out what life looks like without his toughest opponent when he takes on Gianluca Branco for the Junior Welterweight title. It’s a fight Gatti will probably walk away from with his title intact. But here’s one fight fan who thinks it won’t be nearly as satisfying a win as the two he had against Ward.

POSTSCRIPT: Gatti won in a unanimous decision, but not one without some excitement. He broke his hand in the midst of the fight, something which handicapped him for much of the night. Surprisingly, Branco wasn’t a typical tomato can, and showed that he could dish out some punishment when given the opportunity — he just couldn’t land those punches often enough to stop Gatti.

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