May 19th, 2004

Who Is The Ninth Man?

Mark Hasty had a great little post yesterday based on this Keith Olbermann quote:

He is out there somewhere in spring training. He’s probably 20 or 21, maybe 22. And he will retire in the year 2016. He will be the grand old man of baseball. And they will say, ‘He’s so old that the year he broke in, Eddie Murray was still playing.’ And he will become the ninth man. Eddie Murray’s the eighth man. When he broke in, Brooks Robinson was still playing. And when Robinson broke in, Bob Feller was still playing. And when Feller broke in, Rogers Hornsby was still playing. And when Hornsby broke in, Honus Wagner was still playing. And when Wagner broke in, Cap Anson was still playing. And when Anson broke in, Dickey Pearce was still playing. And when Pearce broke in, Doc Adams was still playing. Adams played for the Knickerbocker club inthe first organized game of baseball in 1846, number one of the eight men whose careers cover the 152 seasons since. And somewhere out there is the ninth man.

Who will be that ninth man? I’m betting on either Richie Sexson or Derek Lee.

2 Responses to “Who Is The Ninth Man?”

  1. dcthrowback says:

    I would argue Andruw Jones could do it, too. However, playing 1B seems to be pretty good position to play in your 40s…

  2. Ninja says:

    It reads like a biblical lineage. very cool.

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