October 27th, 2004

Rink Notes Lockout Edition

The MSM is lockout log.

Looks like TSN jumped the gun a little on this story, with the headline: Ribero not against capping salaries:

“The free-agent market is what drives up salaries for all players. It’s up to the owners as well as the players to try to resolve the situation. They should start talking,” [Montreal Canadiens Center mark] Ribeiro told the paper.

Several players have commented recently about their desire to have meetings resume, but Ribeiro is one that publicly doesn’t seem bothered by the idea of a salary cap. The Journal reports that, last spring, Ribeiro said the salaries of $11-million US were ridiculous and that no player should have a salary of more than $6-million.

Last Spring? Way to jump on that story. Then again, Bob Goodenow can’t like talk like this. But then, you already knew that.

Michael Rosenberg of the Detroit Free Press is blaming Gary Bettman for the league’s financial troubles. Hardly original, but a point that does bear repeating.

Click here for some predictions regarding the rules experiments down in the AHL, and whether or not we’ll ever see them adopted in the NHL. Thanks to Steve Ovadia, the funniest hockey beat writer in New York City, for the link.

Now that Scott Nichol of the Blackhawks has joined the London Racers, the count of NHL players in Europe has reached 228.

Despite the flow of talent to Europe, New Jersey’s Scott Gomez is going to play for his hometown team in Alaska. Chris Chelios would like to play for the Chicago Wolves in his hometown, but that playing Senior ‘A” hockey back in Ontario.

If the season gets wiped out, the league already has a backup plan for the 2005 Entry Draft.

It’s been four years since he sold the Devils, but John McMullen still thinks the players need to be more flexible. A shocker, I know.

UPDATE: Here’s the latest from John Buccigross.

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  1. Charles Tupper says:

    TSN showed the first Czech/Canada match of the ’76 Canada Cup last night and plan, apparently to show the final next Tues. Dionne centering Hull (Bobby) and Perrault; Clarke, Barber and Leach; Orr, Potvin, Serge Savard, Larry Robinson and Rogie Vachon in net; Sittler, MacDonald and Peter Mahovolich to name a few. The Czechoslovaks featured the Stastny brothers, Holicek in net, backed up by Dzurilla, Pouzar, Cernik were some of the greats. Bobby Kromm and Bowman were behind Canada’s bench with Grapes upstairs in the press box. Great fun to watch.

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