February 8th, 2005

Braves Steal A March On Richmond

Interesting doings down in Richmond, home of the AAA affiliate of the Atlanta Braves. Apparently, the big club has just found a home on the radio in the state capitol.

Last time I checked, Washington was a heck of a lot closer to Richmond than Atlanta. At least that’s what General Sherman tells me.

Thanks to Nationals Inquirer for the link.

Also, I had to pull this quote out of his latest post:

“Richmond’s ballpark is really, really old (it dates way back to 1985) . . . “

You know, 1985, back when they had the Walkman instead of the iPod.

I guess it really was that long ago.

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  1. Tom Biro says:

    Hey, I kinda like The Diamond. I have some good memories of being down there as a teenager right before the Richmond Braves all made it on the big club – sitting down with David Justice, Tommy Greene (he was good there, hehe), Mark Lemke and others was pretty neat, considering where they would be just a year or two later.

    More amusing was how everyone signed every autograph they were asked for, except for Ron Gant, who hightailed it out of the garage – in his ‘Vette – as his teammates laughed it off. Ahh, Kash and Jim Beauchamp, those were the days.

    So are we going to see more of these farm cities getting “network” games from the major league teams? Not a bad way to drum up interest and have people harken back to the ‘old days’ when those guys were down in their town?

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