February 18th, 2005

Code Blue: Let The Market Work In Performance Enhancers

Dr. Tom Boyle at Code Blue thinks it’s time to get sensible about steroids and other performance enhancing drugs:

If the proper research is allowed, and free market systems are freed to act, then performance enhancing drugs will come under proper research, investigation and regulation.The risks will become quantifiabble, at which point we can make rational choices. Is it worth the possibility of infarcting a bone to grow six more inches? Is it worth developing cancer of the brain to have bigger frontal lobes?

Until we answer the question: what are the risks, we can never say what the deal is worth. But as attested to by the innumerable artists, scientists and athletes (and we have not even glimpsed the SURFACE of the iceberg of this pheomenon — now and throughout history) it may be worth a lot, to individuals, to achievements in science and art, and to the recordbooks — yeah, even in baseball.

Something to think about.

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  1. SportsProf says:

    I have blogged on the topic a lot, with my most recent post being a poem that I think readers of Off-Wing might find amusing. Baseball needs to put this scandal behind it, but given that it’s Major League Baseball, there will be more stumbling into its hurdles than clearing them, at least for now.

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