March 7th, 2005

Don’t Tug On Superman’s Cape, Redux

On Tuesday, Phil Mickelson playfully called out Tiger Woods on PTI. And then, on Sunday, Woods comes from behind to defeat Mickelson in a tournament that carries the name of one of Mickelson’s biggest sponsors.

Coincidence? I report, you decide.

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  1. Charles Tupper says:

    Sirak’s got it right. IMO Phil was not at his best on Sunday but still could have turned it around even if he only made that par putt on 16 against Tiger’s bogey. Still, Lefty has had an amazing start this year.

    An annoyed Mickelson said: “I’m a little ticked for not getting it done today. This is a great slap in the face. I thought I was playing better than anybody and I knew I was going to win today.”

    “It was great for him he won but it sucks for me I lost,” said Mickelson.

    “I really thought I was going to win, I could have won, I should have won. I just hope I have another shot soon.

    “I loved the fact he was playing his best. I wanted the chance to beat him at his best, I’m just disappointed I didn’t do it.

    “This was probably the best thing that could happen to me heading to the majors because I felt like I was playing better than everybody and just knew I was going to win today.

    “When I didn’t it was a great slap in the face because I’m going to work my tail off to salvage a couple of more shots.”

    Ya gotta luv him. ;)

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