April 10th, 2005

Tiger On The 16th At Augusta

Simply the most amazing clutch golf shot I have ever seen. And it probably wins the tournament for him


UPDATE AT 18: Tiger in the sand and to the right. But DiMarco has a tough chip of his own . . . Stay tuned.

TIGER OUT OF THE SAND . . . And within 10 feet of the cup. And DiMarco hits the flag stick on a shot that could have won the tournament or forced a playoff! Unreal! Tiger putting for the tournament.

AND . . . It’s a miss! DiMarco will have a shot at a tie. Unnghh!

IT’S In THE HOLE!!! We’ve got playoff golf at the Masters!!!!! They’ll turn in their scorecards and start again from 18. Whew!!!

ON DiMARCO’s SECOND SHOT . . . He puts the ball in the same spot as he did the first time around, while Tiger puts his approach within 10 feet of the hole. Looks like it might be over quick, and that incredible shot on 16 is the difference in the tournament.

DiMARCO’s THIRD SHOT . . . Was within a foot, and he finishes the first sudden death hole with a 4. Tiger putting for the win again.

AND IT’s OVER!!!! Green jacket number four for Tiger Woods in one of the most memorable Masters ever. Oh my!

6 Responses to “Tiger On The 16th At Augusta”

  1. CodeBlueBlogMD says:

    Tiger’s amazing shot has Sir Isaac Newton rolling over in his grave.

    A body at rest cannot , itself, begin to move. That is impossible.

    Tiger’s shot came to rest for a full two seconds on the edge of that cup. I watched it ten times on a 50 inch HD plasma screen. That ball was at a dead stop.

    There is no way a golf ball can just pick up and start moving again. So what happened?

    Watch the tape again. As the ball comes to rest, Tiger and his caddy come clopping across the green to see if the ball is going in…and suddenly the ball starts moving again and drops in the hole.

    Earlier I saw a ball that was resting on the green of another hole, pop up a centimeter or two into the air when another ball –driven by an iron — landed a few feet away from it.

    The greens are tight as drum skins, right?

    If the vibration from Tiger and his caddy’s footfalls did not cause that golf ball to fall into the hole, what did? An insect? A small cavitation of earth at the edge of the hole?

    If the vibration of their feet DID cause the ball to fall, is that legal? Can you jump up and down on the green until your ball falls in? I don’t know the rules, but I gotta believe that was illegal. And I gotta believe Tiger lost that tournament.

  2. Charles Tupper says:

    In 1994, Gary McCord remarked that the greens at Augusta were so slick they looked “bikini-waxed”. That and his body bag comment got him banned from the last 10 years of Masters competition. Thankfully, Feherty is still there. (BTW, McCord and Feherty ‘make’ the EA Sports TW 2005 computer game. Their commentary is hilarious, especially Feherty’s comment about seeing ‘dead people’). A similar thing occured on the par 3 6th. DiMarco’s ball seemed stationary for a good few seconds until it rolled off the green even before TW’s ball hit the surface. More interesting though, IMO, is the manner in which CD’s game collapsed on 14, 15 and 17 of the 3rd round. A par on any of these three holes wins him the championship. The other interesting fact, is does Augusta really punish errant drives. TW hit 6 / 14 = 42.86% fairways in Rd 2 and still posted 7 birdies. Overall fairways hit 32 of 56; not so great. So the much vaunted swing change for TW has come in his iron play. He’s shallowed out his swing. The angle at which he strikes the ball has changed. His divots are much smaller than a few years ago allowing better ball control. The other issue is that TW was riding a hot putter in Rds 2 and 3. In total CD recorded five less putts. In other words Tiger was beatable. We saw the openings at Doral, when despite the brilliant eagle he was still vulnerable. Will we ever seen the ineluctable twelve stroke Master’s champion again? Or is TW now the Fran Tarkenton of golf; a great scrambler?

  3. BSmith says:

    Code Blue…that is ludicrous to say the least. First off Tiger was about 200 feet plus from the cup. Second he was on the collar of the green as the ball went in (look at the replay) and finally imagine hitting a pitch shot on a car roof getting the ball to stop almost entirely and then HOPE that it dies back down the windshield of the car to stop at the hood ornament.

    While I realize conspiracy theorists LOVE this type of stuff it just does not work at Augusta. If you ever get the chance to see this course in person you would see that this is just the way that the ball moves on that course (I think it is about a 4-5 foot drop from where Tiger hit the shot and the cup).

    If Tiger took that shot 3,000 times I bet he makes one…maybe two. Just a solid combination of luck and knowhow/ability. Sorry to burst your bubble.

  4. BSmith says:

    And even if it was at a dead stop…Tiger has the 10 seconds to mark it. Added to this would be the time to get his putter from his caddy (and if it was earth “vibration”/footfalls…I think it may have been the 10,000 people sitting in the vicinity of the 16th green). So even if it stopped it does not matter.

    It went in and 20 years from now I will be sitting with my kids watching the Masters and I will be able to tell them Tiger’s shot was beyond amazing…

  5. CodeBlueBlogMD says:

    To what conspiracy theory are you referring? Did I mention a conspiracy? What’s with the tone of your comment?

    I have the tournament on Tivo and I DID watch the tape again and you are totally wrong. Tiger is not “200 feet plus” from the cup.

    Pitch the ball onto the roof of a car and whaa…? I’m sorry, I don’t get the analogy.

    All I said was that the ball stopped, then it moved again and fell into the hole. I’ll tell you something else. The tape clearly shows Tiger and his caddy rushing towards the hole at that time, and in the backround? The crowd is motionless.

    I didn’t say I knew the rules. It just seemed illogical to me that the rules would allow you to cause vibtrations on the green that might push your ball over the edge once it had come to a stop, that’s all. And if the rules don’t allow that, how are they enforced? And how would such a violation be recognized?

    Take it easy, bud.

  6. BSmith says:

    I looked at it again last night and Tiger was not on the green when the ball went in…while I see your point (and I apologize on the consp. theory comment but I am sick of the Tiger haters and I took your comment the wrong way…my mistake). When I made the comment about the roof…the Augusta greens are so fast and so well constructed that the ball is rolling on a surface closer to a car roof than the greens you and I play on.

    There was a time when I played competitive golf, and truthfully I watched that shot 20 times last night and even if he had the time to mark it (it did stop but then rolled again) he was still would have had a moment to “wait it out”. My only question is…if it had rolled off the green would he have been able to replace it to the original spot due to the “vibrations”…no because that is what they call a “rub of the green” (aka tough shit).

    My apologies again for the lash out yesterday…just overtired and worn out on listening to the Monday morning qbs on the radio saying Tiger should have lost. Think about it this way…he is 29 years old and has won as many green jackets as Arnold palmer did in his ENTIRE life…man oh man that is amazing.

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