July 8th, 2005

On The London Bombings

Like everyone else, I was horrified by yesterday’s attacks in London, an event that simply reinforced the hard truth that we’re engaged in a war with barbarians who won’t ever be reasoned with.

They expect no quarter, and we shouldn’t give them any either.

My condolences to those who lost family and friends yesterday. Please know that we’re with you, and we will see this through together.

But like Winston Churchill said of the Blitz, “London can take it.” And I saw some evidence of that in a note I got this morning from a former colleague who works there:

Everything’s getting back to normal surprisingly quickly. We’ve had so many bomb attacks in London that for most people who’ve been here a while and weren’t directly involved, after the initial horror it quickly subsides into not being a big deal. Odd really, but I think it’s part WWII blitz spirit, part IRA campaigns in the 70-90′s that have conditioned us.

So much for the wages of terror.

2 Responses to “On The London Bombings”

  1. John F. says:

    I didn’t know to be mortified or awed when I saw a crowd waiting to cram back into the Liverpool Street station just hours after the bombing….

  2. RIWhaler says:

    Great point. I was havign a discussion with a friend of mine last night about how the Brits will react to the bombings. My friend proposed that the country will unite a la the United States in 2001, but I don’t think so, mostly for the reasons mentioned above. One thing that is really worth following for us Americans is where the ID card issue goes from here. I’m willing to bet it gets a healthy push, which is bad news for civil libertarians everywhere.

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