October 15th, 2005

What’s Really Going On With Apple, Redux

Now that Apple has released the long-awaited Video iPod, it’s pretty clear that plenty of people just don’t get what’s really goin on. Take a quick look at some of the obligatory product launch stories, and you’ll see the same old meme of — NEW GREAT APPLE PRODUCT.

Jack Shafer at Slate is annoyed:

What explains the press corps’ exuberance for Apple in general and the iPod in particular? After all, the portable video player isn’t a new product category

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  1. Levi says:

    Just picked one of the 60GB models up last night. I’ve read a little about it. I realize it’s not ideal for video, but it does play it as an option, and of course it still plays music just as well as before. The larger screen makes pictures much more viewable. I may or may not really use the video, but mainly I wanted it for the nicer screen, added capacity, and much thinner footprint. I’m betting we will see a lot of video produced both legal and illegal in this format, in addition to third-party software that makes in much faster/easier to encode then than what currently is the situation. Video players haven’t taken off as a product, but this is Apple we are talking about, so just getting loyal Apple/iPod enthusiasts to upgrade will create a huge increase on the number of them on the market. I’m not an Apple/iPod enthusiast, and I would have gone for one of the other players out there, but they all have their weaknesses and my main use for a portable media device is to play audio books from Audible.com and podcasts. Not many of these video players play audible files. But the kicker is also that the iPod to my knowledge, is the only player that allows you to speed up the playing of audio so that I can listen to something in 20% less time than I would normally. With a very busy life, that’s like getting free time!

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