February 10th, 2006

Swann on the Verge

Over the years, many folks in Pennsylvania have been hoping for a Steelers/Eagles Super Bowl. This year, they’ll finally get their wish – politically speaking, of course.

For those of you who don

2 Responses to “Swann on the Verge”

  1. SportsProf says:

    The race should be interesting. Rendell is relatively popular and has much more money in the bank, but he’s been a disappointment as he failed to effect property-tax reform in Pennsylvania. The state is perhaps as middle-of-the-road as any. You make an eloquent point about Swann’s lack of experience. Rendell should have a bigger lead, and I think in the end he’ll win a squeaker. I can’t understand Swann’s popularity; he’s just a known face with no known accomplishments outside football and sports reporting. As a Pennsylvanian, I worry about that — is he really qualified? Rendell’s post-game commentaries will not help him; if anything, they’ll hurt him. While a Rendell fan, I have frequently thought that it’s not “gubernatorial” to appear on these things. Sure, he can go to the games, but it hasn’t sat well with many voters. The Steelers’ victory will help Swann, but in the end I just can’t see how he’ll muster enough support in Southeastern Pennsylvania to win the election.

  2. Tom G says:

    I would agree with SportsProf in that Swann will have to make some serious inroads in SE PA. It is a very very blue area. So blue that many will probably blame Bush for this weekend’s snowstorm.

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