November 10th, 2006

Amazon To Sell Xbox 360 For $100

I’ve just got word on good authority that Amazon will be selling the Xbox 360 for just $100 this Xmas.

Sounds to me like they’re determined to deliver a body blow to the PS3 launch happening in Japan right now. The North American launch is set for a week from today, November 17.

2 Responses to “Amazon To Sell Xbox 360 For $100”

  1. Djlethal01 says:

    Eric, are you sure it’s not a $100 price drop or the HD-DVD addon that will cost $100? a 360 for $100 will be crazy!!

  2. murph says:

    the videogame sites reported this rumor too. it’s going to be the X360 core system (normally $300). you’ll almost HAVE to drop another $100 to pick up the X360 hard drive. you need the hard drive for game saves, updates, downloads, etc.

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