November 2nd, 2007

Bonds or the Ball

After calling Marc Ecko an “idiot” and showing his disapproval of having his 756th home run ball branded with an asterisk, Bonds now says that if the ball goes into Cooperstown, he will not.

After buying the ball, Ecko held an online vote on what to do with the ball; send it to Cooperstown as is, brand it and send it, or shoot it into space. The people spoke, and asked that it be branded and sent to the Hall. When asked what he’d do if the ball went in, Bonds said “I will never be in the Hall of Fame. Never,” Bonds said. “Barry Bonds will not be there.”

He also noted that baseball does not have asterisks.

“I don’t think you can put an asterisk in the game of baseball, and I don’t think that the Hall of Fame can accept an asterisk,” Bonds said. “You cannot give people the freedom, the right to alter history. You can’t do it. There’s no such thing as an asterisk in baseball.”

But in fact you can give people freedom to do what they wish with homer 756. Marc Ecko bought it, and can do whatever he damn pleases with it. Bonds may not like it, but it’s not up to him. He could have bought the ball himself and made sure nothing happened to it if he really wanted to.

In the end they probably won’t link Bonds to steroids, he’ll make the Cooperstown, and both him and the ball will be there. He may be upset, but as they say, time heals all wounds.

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  1. Jud Kastner says:

    Barry Bonds with all his faults is still a great baseball player. Yes, steroids maybe a part of his indulgences in life but still does not detract from his abilities. It may have enhanced them to a certain degree but if you look at most of the great ballplayers – they all had faults and indulgences that I think they wished they would have never been involved with. Leave it alone and look for the good and not the bad of this great game and its players and let time decide the validity of the game and players.

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