October 29th, 2009

Crime Imitates Failed Television Show Art

A couple of years back, I caught a few episodes of an ABC television sitcom dubbed the Knights of Prosperity.  The premise was simple: a bunch of folks down on their luck conspired to rob celebrities like Mick Jagger and Ray Romano.   David Letterman was the producer, and the lead actor in the series was Donal Logue, the man you might remember from the cult comedy, The Tao of Steve.

In any case, while the show was quickly pulled from the ABC schedule, apparently a number of Hollywood teens accidentally discovered that while the idea might have been a ratings dog, it still provided the outline of a viable business plan (somebody call Wharton!).  Here’s the scoop from the AP.

Now, I’d really like to excerpt that AP piece, but I’m afraid we don’t have a legal team here at Off Wing Opinion these days.  Instead, click and enjoy.

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