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October 30th, 2009

Is the Washington Post’s Sports Coverage Vulnerable?

That’s a question that Slate‘s Jack Shafer is considering in light of the news that Joe Allbritton, the owner of WJLA-TV and NewsChannel 8, has asked former Washington Post reporter and editor Jim Brady to start a Web-only publication for the D.C. area:

Most newspapers place the sports section at the end of the caboose, forcing you to page your way to the baseball and football news. To command Washington eyeballs, Brady will turn that convention inside out by putting the sports "section" on the site’s home page, and putting local news in the first back seat, and business news and national news in the third row. Just as Politico has made inroads on the Post’s political coverage, Brady should steal the sports beat, making it the foundation of his site.

Memo to Brady: You could fill out your sports section mighty quick with a strong co-hort of talent from the local independent sports blogging community. Something tells me that more than a few of those folks would kill for the chance to cover local sports.