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August 31st, 2009

Some Quick Thoughts On Paul Kelly’s Firing

paul kelly083109
Ex-NHLPA Executive Director, Paul Kelly

Like a lot of folks, I couldn’t help but be stunned by the news this morning of Paul Kelly’s abrupt dismissal as Executive Director of the NHLPA*.  While I don’t have time for a detailed deconstruction of events, here are some quick observations that ought to be discussed further:

  • With Kelly’s firing, the NHLPA is now working on its fourth Executive Director since the resolution of the lockout (Bob Goodenow, Ted Saskin and Kelly) that put the league in a deep freeze for an entire season.
  • Given Kelly’s generally conciliatory stance toward ownership — he actually afforded NHL Commissioner Gary Bettman the opportunity to address to NHLPA not long ago — one would think that this move would signal a more aggressive stance on the part of the players association …
  • … And if that’s the case, the shift is coming at a rather percarious time for the global economy.  While some folks think that the world is coming out of the latest economic shock rather nicely, there are others who believe just as strongly that there’s a real risk we’re headed into a double-dip recession, something that could very well make a more aggressive approach by the NHLPA all the more problematic.

Put it all together, and I don’t think I’m probably the only one asking the following question: Is the NHLPA sufficiently united to choose a path forward and stick to it even when the going gets tough?


* Major props to TSN’s Darren Dreger, who tweeted details of last night’s NHLPA meeting deep into the night.