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February 8th, 2010

What Did Mike Milbury Say Yesterday?

I’m sure by now most fans of the Washington Capitals have heard about an incident that occurred just off of press row yesterday afternoon in the immediate aftermath of a thrilling 5-4 OT victory by the Caps over the Pittsburgh Penguins.  The thumbnail sketch is that Mike Milbury of NBC Sports got into a confrontation with Phil Van Der Vossen, a blogger for Capitals Outsider and the owner of

I’ve done some digging into the issue overnight, and I’ll have some thoughts on it later.  However, for now, I’m going to concentrate on exactly what Milbury said that kicked off the incident, and no doubt has some folks around town a little perturbed.

During the first intermission, after the Penguins had taken a 2-0 lead over Washington on a pair of goals by Sidney Crosby, NBC threw their coverage to the in-arena studio where Pierre McGuire and Milbury were reviewing the highlights from the first period — a period that was more or less dominated by Pittsburgh thanks to some sloppy defensive play by Washington.

In any case, here’s what Milbury said when he was narrating the video from the first period.  The following was obtained from a video monitoring service that I subscribe to. After I retrieved the transcript, I checked it against an actual clip, one that I can’t share with you because it would violate the terms of service:

What a play. What a move. Quick hands. 1-0, sets the tone. Watch the move there. Good head fake on a great pass by Malkin. Passing, shooting, scoring. He’s really matured into what everybody thought he was in the draft year, the complete player. To come here and say, hey, Ovie, I’m still your Daddy here. That’s special.

To say that Milbury is operating with a short leash with Caps fans is not an understatement.  Given his track record and the role he’s asked to play by his bosses at NBC Sports, the above crack is hardly out of the ordinary for him.  Still, when you add it all together, it’s not hard to understand that a significant slice of the fan base doesn’t exactly have warm feelings for Milbury.

Now, does that justify what apparently took place after the game?  That’s another question entirely.  More later.